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what we do

Our role in your success

Banks and credit unions have lots of data, but many lack the resources to accurately understand what the data says about customer behaviors, and then use it effectively to meet their customers’ needs.

At Saylent, we’ve created software platforms that allow you to understand individual customers and offer the products and services they want – helping you to increase customer loyalty and profits.

And, unlike other solutions, Saylent platforms effortlessly integrate into your core system, so you can quickly and cost-effectively:

  • Create new banking products
  • Offer a variety of pre-built banking and card-services programs
  • Implement behavior-based rewards programs
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What We Think

Making experience actionable

We understand the realities of the banking industry and the complex challenges you face. Every member of our leadership team has deep experience in financial services, which enables us to provide pragmatic advice and insights.

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Who We Are

The Saylent ethos

We’re smart, proactive, hands-on people, who always strive to do the right thing by our clients. Our team of industry and technical experts look forward to sharing our perspectives and demonstrating how our proven solutions can benefit your business.

"We are not trying to be everything to everybody. We are a fintech company and we understand payments and processing. And we can help you monetize the data that you have in house."

"Saylent was founded on a simple, yet powerful principle — enabling business lines to use data to drive the business forward."

"To say our people are passionate about banking, technology, and customer service is an understatement. Our entire company meets together and talks about it every single morning."

"At Saylent, every client can experience true "full service", no matter how big or small the institution. That's how we do business — everyone matters."