Data Analytics

Unique insights create unique opportunities

Our two customizable software platforms analyze different aspects of banking relationships and empower decision makers to build smarter plans for their businesses.

Account360 Card360
Optimize Your Card Portfolio

Card360 uses credit, debit, ATM and pre-paid card transaction data from multiple processor platforms to help you group cardholders based on their behaviors. Sophisticated segmentation techniques then enable you to identify top or low performers, and target areas of opportunity to optimize your card portfolio and build customer loyalty.

  • Visualize customer data to understand trends
  • Segment cardholders based on behaviors and card transactions
  • Benchmark performance against peers
  • Uncover trends and revenue opportunities
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns to influence desired behaviors

Card360 can also help your financial institution proactively detect fraud, often earlier than many of the major payment processors can. The new Fraud Forensics functionality provides detailed analytics that allow you to distinguish customer purchasing patterns and behaviors, identify at-risk cards and merchant points-of-compromise, and then implement appropriate fraud mitigation steps.