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At Saylent, we help financial institutions personalize the banking experience. Consumers and businesses generate rich, important data every day, but it is often difficult to find meaning in it. We bring clarity to this data so banks and credit unions can understand their customers’ wants and needs. Then we use this clarity to provide the right products and services, at just the right time. It’s clarity, in action, that builds meaningful and lasting customer relationships.


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The Saylent Platform analyzes a financial institution’s internal data, combined with the most relevant external sources, to pinpoint areas of future value and growth in their customer relationships.


Our analysis provides clear, actionable information to reach customers with the products and services they need at that moment in their lives. We recommend a personalized marketing strategy based on data science and automate the outreach campaign to match goals and budgets.


With every campaign, our platform tracks and assesses results to measure the business value and return. Through machine learning, each future initiative is guided by these gained insights into customer data to improve the customer impact and ROI.

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Turbo-charge your team through streamlined data processing and marketing automation.


Find and hit the targeted opportunities that grow your per-customer product usage.

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Build the customer loyalty that sets you apart from the competition.

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