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1508, 2019

Podcast: Meeting Consumer Demands in the Digital Age

August 15th, 2019|

BAI Banking Strategies Podcast, Published August 13, 2019 Thanks to mobile technology and easy ecommerce, consumers find themselves in a new position of power where they compare their banking experience to other aspects of their effortless, seamless world. That poses a major quandary for financial institutions as they struggle to keep up, even as nimble fintechs enter the picture. Check out BAI's podcast where Saylent CEO, Tyson Nargassans, shares how banks can make [...]

1907, 2019

Removing the Guesswork from Marketing ROI

July 19th, 2019|

ROI is often difficult to assess in the data heavy world of financial services marketing, yet it remains the holy grail for most marketing teams. Smart marketers can leverage data analytics to accurately forecast, track, and calculate program ROI for metrics they can trust.   Financial institutions today are investing significant resources in acquiring, storing, and processing customer data.  But even in today’s world of Big Data solutions and dashboard technologies, it’s often difficult to [...]

1007, 2019

Coming Soon: The Saylent Clarity Suite

July 10th, 2019|

Since our inception in 2006, Saylent's focus has always been to help financial institutions power their customer relationships through the clarity of their data. And as we continue to grow and add new solutions to offer the industry, we are excited to soon be launching an updated website and new product identities that make up the newly named Saylent Clarity Suite. Here's a sneak peak of our newly branded solutions: [...]

1007, 2019

New: Tailored Insights

July 10th, 2019|

We know that every institution is unique.  And our newest addition to the Saylent Engage platform gives us the power to work with you to design, execute and learn from campaigns that are tailored to your needs. With Tailored Insights we align our industry knowledge and expertise with your institution's priorities to build relevant campaigns for your changing needs.  So when you're looking to: Build awareness in a new market Connect with newly acquired customers [...]

2606, 2019

How to Avoid Data Analysis Paralysis

June 26th, 2019|

New ways to collect customer data are multiplying, yet many financial institutions lack the ability to initiate intelligent and timely actions based on the primary consideration – relevant and personalized customer need. The simple challenge is that there’s often too much data to sift through, leaving marketing, IT teams, and executives spending excessive time meeting, discussing, analyzing – and meeting yet again – about what the data means and which actions should be put into [...]

1906, 2019

Today’s Data Dilemma

June 19th, 2019|

Harnessing customer data to build personalized experiences For the banking industry, today’s digital economy has opened up new doors to personalized service opportunities.  Finding ways to improve P&L with existing customers, reduce churn in a market where customer loyalty is the exception rather than the norm, and simply provide quick and efficient services greatly depends on knowing your customers better and tailoring programs to meet their needs at any given moment in time.  In fact, [...]

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