We make banking more personal and relevant to the lives of customers.

The Industry Problem

Banking operates on an outdated customer engagement model.

The world today is built on personalization, made possible through the power of digital technology. We can order pizza through social media, get groceries delivered from an app, and stream endless movies to our phones. But the banking industry still lags in delivering with that same efficiency, personalization, and instant satisfaction, that today’s consumers have come to expect.

This disconnect is eroding the long-term relevance of banking, making it harder to establish loyalty, retain current customers and attract new ones.

The Saylent Solution

We empower financial institutions to proactively and confidently meet the individualized needs of each customer.

We decipher the ones and zeroes of behavioral data, and connect the points that tell the story of those financial lives – not just where they’ve been, but where they’re likely going.

Our analytical process creates a roadmap that puts banks ahead of their customers with the products and services they will welcome. We determine the ideal target audiences, craft customized marketing campaigns and put them in action with our fully automated, multi-channel outreach. Be it a home mortgage, a new car loan, a college savings plan or a more active banking relationship, each message is delivered with the personalization that enhances customer relationships.

The banking industry is no longer guessing, or just waiting for their customers to tell them what they need. With Saylent, banks and credit unions now have the clarity of meaningful insights and relevant actions that help customers reach their unique goals.

The Saylent Team

We’re powered by a culture of innovation and a dedicated team of creative, financial technology leaders.

With years of experience under our belts, focused solely on helping financial institutions, our skills have been fine-tuned and our vision aligned with the opportunities of the future. With Saylent, banking again becomes the one-to-one relationship that customers long for in today’s digital world. Our teams wake up focused on bringing the best technology to the market to help banking remain relevant.