Saylent Engage

Increase customer engagement through the clarity of data

1. Data

Harness your most valuable asset, data, to derive customer need.

To determine where the customer is going, we want to understand where they have been. Saylent works to break through the silos often present in banking to reach a single profile of the customer. We leverage our relationships in the market with your unique data ecosystem to find the right balance between integration and overkill. The solution marries your data with our science to identify the path. The privacy of your customer data is our highest priority so we combine great technology controls with highest security compliance rigor.

Core banking data
Payments data
3rd Party Data
Platform Agnostic
Secure Pii Data

2. Insights

Finding untapped areas for growth within your customer base.

There is no shortage of data, but where are the insights? Saylent reads your data to find insights so you know where to focus. Shown in a series of cards, we highlight the important developments in your customer base and in your business. Each insight is supported by relevant visualizations showing you data-driven details. As your customer base and business evolves, so will your insights — automatically — without ever asking for a report.

Customer behavioral analysis
Market and Peer Analysis
Intuitive Interface
Insightful Data Visualizations

3. Actions

Personalized recommendations and the automation to impact change.

Each action is a customized recommendation to address an opportunity in your business. Our algorithms highlight the ideal target audience, communication channels, and incentives for your customer base. Presented in a simple, easy-to-understand view, the recommendation includes costs and projected return to evaluate and prioritize the opportunity. When you are ready to proceed, you can customize our creative marketing assets to match your brand and messaging and “click a button” to get the materials into market and to your customers.

Recommendations Rooted in Data Science
Customizable Creative to Match Your Brand
Multi-channel outreach
End-to-end automation

4. Outcomes

Analyzing each campaign for effectiveness and return on investment. And machine learning to improve it.

One of the biggest challenges in analytics and marketing is aligning the cost of an initiative with its return. Saylent’s end-to-end approach allows your team to evaluate the impact and ROI of every campaign run. Through benchmarking, machine learning and data integration, new campaigns build upon the successes of previous initiatives. The platform’s easy-to-use performance reporting allows for organization-wide comprehension of value and utilization for multi-departmental growth.

Real-time campaign tracking
Machine learning for future improvement
Budget vs. Actual Analysis

Gain clarity of insights
for your institution.

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