Saylent Explore

Data-based decisions that drive behavior and improve profitability

Optimize Your Cardholder Relationships

Saylent Explore transforms credit, debit, ATM and pre-paid card transaction data into actionable behavioral insights. Through advanced segmentation techniques and marketing campaign management, your financial institution can identify and group like cardholders, and then target areas for revenue growth within your card portfolio to build customer loyalty.

Saylent Explore also helps your financial institution proactively detect and defeat fraud. The Fraud Forensics functionality provides detailed analytics that allow you to identify at-risk cards and merchant points-of-compromise, and then implement appropriate fraud mitigation strategies.

Multi-platform aggregation (credit, debit, ATM, pre-paid)
Benchmarking and visualization
Customer segmentation and opportunity targeting
Fraud detection and minimization
Efficient marketing program implementation

Saylent Explore is available through Saylent’s long-standing distribution partnerships with leading processors and core platform suppliers across the financial services industry, including CO-OP Financial Services, FIS, Jack Henry and Mastercard. Saylent Explore is also distributed through Saylent’s Cloud. Please contact your relationship manager with these partners today to learn more, or ask a Saylent representative for more information.

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