Motivating cardholder behavior through brand alignment.

Motivating cardholder behavior through brand alignment.

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Total Assets

$3.7 Billion

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Glenwood Springs, CO

Financial Institution

Established in 1988

Assets Totalling

$1 Billion

Based In

Columbus, MS


Identify and connect with customers who have lower than average institutional engagement.

The unique Alpine Bank Loyalty Visa Debit Card program aligns with the Bank’s mission of “helping customers, employees, shareholders and community members achieve their dreams,” with 10 cents donated to local non-profit organizations each time a customer uses their card. And through record use of the card in 2018, Alpine donated $1.2 million in 2018.

When Alpine Bank’s customer data was processed through Saylent Engage’s data science algorithms, the platform immediately identified a valuable insight: Alpine had a segment of Loyalty Debit Card customers who were under-performing in comparison to the rest of their customer base.


Through Saylent Engage, deploy a targeted strategy for growth.

Saylent Engage designed an action plan to improve the profitability of (and engagement with) this customer group, including a targeted campaign to encourage customers to increase their usage during a specified in-market period.

The campaign included an A/B creative test, with one segment receiving messaging reminding them of the Bank’s commitment to giving back and the program’s benefits to the local community, and the other also incorporating an additional donation to the loyalty debit card credits account on behalf of the customers who used their card a certain number of times within the in-market period.


During the in-market period, both customer segments increased the number of transactions they made with their cards. In addition, customers sustained the increased transaction volume 3 months after the campaign ended.

During the Campaign Period

Campaign qualifiers increased their transactions by 20% during the campaign period.

Sustained Lift 3 Months Post-Campaign

Campaign qualifiers sustained their average transaction transaction volume lift by 10% 3 months post-campaign.

“Saylent Engage allowed us to quickly and easily target customers who didn’t use their cards as top of wallet in a way we couldn’t do before. We were so pleased with the initial success of the program that we plan to continue to run new campaigns through Engage in 2019.”


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