Saylent featured in Bank Director

November 2019 – An institution’s data always tells a story; the key is learning to read that story, then taking that knowledge out of conference rooms and presentations and turning it into action.

For more than a decade, tech solutions promised banks that they could remake the customer experience — starting with big data and visualizations to data science, AI and machine learning. But these solutions alone haven’t always translated into deeper connections with customers.

The latest tools in data modeling, marketing automation, and performance tracking need to be fashioned and guided so they can reveal the gaps in a bank’s data that need to be filled. The best customer engagement technology needs to be fitted to each bank’s unique needs, with tailored insights that identify the hidden risks or opportunities within their customer base.

But lasting success requires balancing technology with industry insights and expertise, and helping marketers connect the dots to get a better picture of their customer behaviors and patterns that may — and often do — go unrecognized.

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